Q - Are LED Strips Dimmable?

A - All of our LED Strips are dimmable, for single colour strips, use a dimmable driver, for RGBW strips, use a non dimmable driver, plus an RGBW controller and/or receiver, the controls provide the dimming function.

Q - What LED Strips can you cut?

A - Good news, all of our LED Strips can be cut.

Q - Where to Cut LED Strip?

A - The distance between cut points is detailed on the page for each strip, if you're working with it for the first time, look for the two rows of adjacent copper dots and you'll see small scissors symbols, simply cut the strip between the dots as shown.

Q - Is there a maximum run for single colour LED Strip?

A - Yes, the max single run for single colour LED Strip is 10m. Longer runs should be wired in parallel to the driver. The maximum run for RGBW strip is 5m, including the tails.

Q - Can LED Strips be extended?

A - Yes, provided you don't exceed the maximum run, or overload the driver, and ensure you use the same voltage and wattage as the original strip.

Q - What size of driver should I use for LED Tape?

A - We recommend that 10-20% spare capacity is allowed in the driver to allow for voltage drop, i.e. a 100w driver should have a max of 80-90w connected.

Q - Is there a maximum run on LEDStrip?

A - Yes, single colour strip has a max single run of 10m, and RGBW strip has a maximum single run of 5m.