LED Strip Information Page

There are a number of important things to consider prior to ordering or installing LED Strip.

As the strip is Low voltage, voltage drop must be taken into consideration, for this reason, we recommend that the maximum single run on single colour strip (including tails) is 10m, and on RGBW strip (including tails) is 5m.

Longer runs may be possible by wiring runs in parallel, powering from both ends, or adding additional power every 10m or 5m as appropriate.

For long runs of tails, using cable with a larger size of conductor may help reduce the effects of voltage drop.

Over sizing the drivers will help limit the effects of voltage drop, therefore we recommend never running a driver at more than 80-90% capacity. i.e. a 100w driver should never have more than 80-90w of load, and if you have a long run of tails, this margin of safety should be increased accordingly.

Aluminium Channel acts like a heat sink, and dissipates the heat generated by the LEDs, therefore prolongs the life of the strip. For this reason, the 3 year warranty offered on LED Strip is on the basis that it is installed in an aluminium profile, and in compliance with all other installation recommendations.

We recommend that all installations are undertaken by a qualified electrician. Qualified electricians should be able to calculate the voltage drop in an installation to recommend the sizes of tails cable, drivers etc for the installation.