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Lighting Design

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“All artificial lighting is installed because of the needs of people. Whether those needs relate to work, rest or play, people must be at the heart of lighting design”

This is the guiding principle of CIBSE and the Society of Light & Lighting and as a member of the SLL, you can be assured that our lighting designs follow the guidance set out by CIBSE, however, should your business have its’ own specific requirements, we would be happy to work with you and take account of your needs.

Our designs are carried out using Industry leading software packages, which provide accurate simulations of the results our proposals will have for your business, and can include 3D renders to help you visualise the finished product.

Human Centric Lighting, where changes in colour temperature and intensity of the light is used to positively enhance the wellbeing of the client by replicating the changes in natural daylight, is becoming more common in the modern world. If you have a need to incorporate Circadian Rhythms into your lighting, 2020 Vision Lighting can help.

For domestic clients, lighting is more subjective, and we will work hand in hand with you to produce the desired moods in your home, and to blend with your chosen decor.

Prices quoted are per hour, please contact us in advance with details of your project and we will provide a quotation for the production of your design.

For many projects, where the client purchases the designed products from our manufacturing partners, we can refund the design fee on completion of the project, please contact us for details.