We offer a range of interconnectable detectors to comply with the new Scottish Regulations.

Make your home safe using the Anka Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide Alarms.

Our Smoke Alarms, Heat Alarms and CO Alarms can be tested by pressing the test button on the device directly, or why not purchase the Anka Remote Control. which will allow you to test any paired devices with a single press from ground level.

From February 2022, all homes in Scotland require inter connected Smoke and Heat alarms, plus CO alarms in any rooms with fuel burning appliances. When one device detects a fire, all connected devices will sound the alarm, minimising the chance of sleeping through an alarm and being overcome by fumes.

Carbon Monoxide is invisible, has no odour, and has the effect of causing people to become drowsy and fall asleep. This can cause serious health issues and can be fatal, so a detector is required to let you know if it is present. Never ignore a CO alarm, if it sounds, get your appliances checked immediately. The CO Detector should not be connected to Heat or Smoke Detectors to ensure clarity in identifying which device is in Alarm.

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